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Information about Earth link policies and agreement system organization

EarthLink considers that sensible network management practices are essential for EarthLink to provide all our EarthLink and people residential customers, including residential broadband access customers, with reward appealing Internet services. EarthLink uses a variety of tools and methods to deal with our network, including managing any network obstruction, and address security concerns. Our industry ordinary complex organization practices help us protect our network and our
customers from harmful online activity like spamming, viruses and phishing.


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    You have made the smart choice for super fast DSL and super simple phone service. Every phone in your home should work in your previous phone service, but you need to check out often. The term of this contract begins on your account billing start date and continues for the initial term assurance period of twelve months unless otherwise indicated in your billing plan. The time will endure

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    month-to-month after the ending of the primary term except your billing plan that allows you to sign up for another twelve month term and in such case, the term will continue month-to-month after the expiration of the second twelve month term. The Service velocity may vary depending on position, line quality, inside wiring, Internet traffic, and other factors beyond the control of EarthLink.

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    EarthLink does not assurance upload or download speeds. Some line stabilization could be essential for providing the Service. Stabilization could include the lowering of provisioned line speed. EarthLink will not be able to enlarge the line speed once the connection is stabilized. Our Services may only work using certain telephone carriers or phone systems. Some Services may require

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    the use of specific Services could vary by geographic location and phone carrier provider. In the event that hardware and software are limited by specific geographic location. The billing plans will change to a different EarthLink service that consult with an EarthLink courier regarding how such change can intensify your billing plan.

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