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At Windstream, our technicians and engineers are regularly working to advance our service and make an improved skill for our customers. Windstream Dedicated Internet Services are planned to provide business-critical performance with consistent high-speed internet connectivity and safe data backup. Get devoted maximum speed, high bandwidth Ethernet and internet access distributed over Windstream’s large, carrier-class network and strong data backup resolutions to confirm always on connectivity. Safe, robust and steady are Wind stream’s network keystones as the full-service infrastructures skill and services provider you can trust. Windstream Internet packages starting well below the typical cost of Internet, so you’ll beat the market on High-Speed Internet the other you order service and every month after that. Windstream can deliver suitable DSL speeds and offers services to numerous rural areas. Windstream is proud to offer a range of aids to our employees. We want each member of the Windstream intimate to be strong and able to accomplish their maximum potential at work and at home. By using best-in-class assurance plans and properties, our objective is to support our workers maximize their safety in all parts of their condition, prosperity and lifetime. We reward our employees with benefits for the hard work they do.


We offer a responsive, team-based location, liberal salaries, and fitness plans. Depending on your interests, there are dissimilar high speed internet bundles to fit your standard of living. Windstream Greenland, AR deals two bundle choices high speed internet bundled with phone service, or high speed internet bundled with phone and digital TV service. This bundle offers high speed internet and tosses in the home phone line as a supplementary bonus.

It also comprises unlimited long distance allowing you to call anywhere and talk as long as you want devoid of experiencing high rates. The bundle is low-priced than what most benefactors charge for internet alone, further demonstrating what a great agreement you can get when bundling two or more services together. Windstream also offers services you can add to your package to improve your service. The public services industry is exclusive in a lot of ways. Most traders require a voucher for you to save money on their products or services.

Windstream reserves the correct to select and discuss with suppliers it finds qualified for inexpensive command, to lay off discussions without acquiring any responsibility and to discard any or all suggestions received. We believe our suppliers to deliver the same commitment to excellence that we give to each customer. The purchasing scope at Windstream covers products and services delivered by suppliers, ordered by chance. Our agreement to provide you Services is focus to credit support and as such, you approve us to request credit-reporting agencies for credit information about you. We may require you to submit an initial deposit and an advanced payment as security for payment of charges. To meet wind stream’s detached of obtaining the main quality products and services for our customers at the best possible price, Windstream and its dealers work together to inspire excellent standards of service and performance. We believe that it's a conflict of interest when internet service sources operate their own speed tests. Windstream provides long-term disability insurance at no cost to you. Exposure begins the first day of the month. Information on this subsidy plan can be found in the instant plan description accessible on the Windstream Greenland, Arkansas intranet. Being there for our customers and providing a great skill is what we value most. We know providing you with 24/7 support is significant and we have numerous ways to meet that need.

High Speed Internet


For 24 Months

Speeds up to 10 Mbps
One price for life guaranteed
Starting at EveryDay Low Price $ 39.99/mo
Save an additional $20/mo for first 24 mos

Price for Life Triple Play


For 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement

Up to 10 Mbps Internet speeds
190+ digital channels from DISH
Unlimited long distance
As low as $74.98/mo



For 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement

190+ channels
Free SHOWTIMEВ® for 3 months
Starting at $ 29.99/mo
Professional installation


Windstream provides life at no cost to you. Exchangeable and receiving the most out of your money is important to everyone. With a landline phone
you can get limitless long distance much economical than what you would pay for the same plan with a cell phone provider.
In fact, a lot of cell phone companies do not even offer an unlimited plan.

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    You purchase a certain number of minutes for the month and if you go over that payment you will be indicted an increased rate per minute. Having a home phone with long distance can offer a nice reserve. We work differently than other companies. At Windstream, we don’t just focus on our products and services; we also focus on our employees and their career opportunities.

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    We support the creation of the most effective and mutually beneficial business relationship possible with each of our suppliers, wholesale and channel partners. We care the design of the most real and commonly helpful business association possible with each of our suppliers, wholesale and channel partners.

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    Windstream wants to be your continuous, consistent for all of your entertainment needs. We bring all essentials of entertaining into your home so you and your family are always associated. We know what is significant to our clients and realize you have choices when it derives to choosing a provider. Windstream can save you money.

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    We help you learn by example from some of the most inventive people in the business and encourage employees. If you're ready to take your career to the next level, Windstream is the place for you. We encourage a diverse atmosphere and inspire our employees to grow their careers through opportunities, workshops and significant benefits.

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    The internet can be an amazing place, but it also has dangers you must take precautions against to stay safe. There are still many ways that your personal information could be taken and neglected, leaving you in a very undesirable location. Once your personal information gets stolen, it’s difficult to feel safe online again.

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    You won’t find a better connection. Windstream is one of the largest providers of telecommunications services. We also offer a wide range of IP-based voice and data services and advanced phone systems and equipment to businesses and government agencies. Windstream offers service bundling and passes savings on to our customers.

If you have any clarifications regarding the windstream internet service you can contact us on phone or consult our experts. Call us on 855-789-6565. to gather more information about various services and procedures.

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